At the sophomore outing for the Baltimore-based (Re)Generation Who convention, we were thrilled to have, as we so often do at smaller, more ‘intimate’ cons, chat at length with the stars, creators, and of course, the fans of the Doctor Who universe. In addition to the casual time spent in mutual enjoyment of our favourite program, we were pleased to moderate a few panels that focused on topics that we have broached on GPR in episodes past, but now had the opportunity to dive deeper, with the added contributions of those in attendance — both the stars, and their admirers.

In this installment, our live panel takes a look at characters who, through extended content both published and recorded, have been more fully developed and realized than their on-screen tenure allowed. Joined by Don Klees of Acorn Media, Ken Deep of Long Island Doctor Who, and the always entertaining veteran Doctor Who writer, John Peel, we look at character growth in examples including the Eighth Doctor, the War Doctor, Romana, Leela, and more.

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