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The television shines with that welcome glow, you begin to watch a new program or film for the evening, and all of a sudden, an unexpected familiar face pulls you completely out of the storyline as you realize that you’re looking at one of your beloved Doctor Who characters, but seen completely out of character. (Does that make sense?)

This week, we discuss instances where Doctor Who alum appear out-of-the-blue in shows or films we weren’t prepared for, forcing us to try and reconcile the conflicting thoughts caused when seeing this strange new person, against the Doctor, Companion or other Whovian we truly know them to be.

(Editor’s note: Jay was extremely tired, and misspoke. Honestly, he does know the difference between Kenneth Branagh and Kiefer Sutherland. The spelling and pronunciation of their names, for example…)

Listener Contributions:

  • Deb Stanish, Verity Podcast (via Twitter): “Well, Barrowman in Shark Attack 3: Megalodon is a classic. ;-) But my fave is Eccleston in Revengers Tragedy.(Editor’s other note: we originally quoted this as Shark Attack 2. Clearly, we are highly remiss in not knowing that it was the cinematic genius that is Shark Attack 3 that Deb meant to refer. How dare we?)
  • Esther (via email): “Okay, my two movies for your podcast is Paul McGann in The Importance of Being Earnest (had to watch it for school) and Billie Piper in Mansfield Park.
  • Mike Solko, Time Scoop Podcast (via Twitter): “Tennant is fun in The Decoy Bride. Not sure if Eccleston in Cracker qualifies. Definitely aforementioned Revengers Tragedy.”

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