So who wrote this, anyway?
So who wrote this, anyway?
We’ve hit the halfway point for series 7B, and it has finally taken the turn we were waiting for. We discuss the new episode penned by Neil Cross, Hide. The “right proper ghost story” finally hits our screens and we discuss the story, the implications, and the general spooky nature that it brought to us.
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  • January 19, 2012Hello Dr Acha,Despite the poor internet coivnctneity here in Cameroon, I could get the quality articulations and professional expressions of the Brain God has been using to serve the orphans in a special way. Kenneth have you been a journalist before or have u undergone some professional course in Communications? The version 001 which is supposed to be a trial version comes out as a masterpiece. Congrats man. I think we need a pool of contributors from all over the whole and I can again assure you the coivnctneity here is up to the task in this project. Don’t base your needs in the Philippines like we discussed but Cameroon can be of high value. I can assure you.This is a wonderful piece of God’s abundance grace and favour to an orphan that you were and your experiences and successes are turning out to be a great source of inspiration and motivation for a lot of people far below your imagination. I have always told God to use me as a Vessel to reach others especially the underprivileged and when I see the evolution of SD and the efforts the founders are putting in to see her vision come true, I am overwhelmed with the vision of SD Keep the ball rolling we are into it wholeheartedly.We anxiously await other versions. Congrats to the SD Community for this innovation. Let’s start thinking of how to get to children that are deaf and those with impaired speeches that do not have the privilege to go to their type of school too. My experience with such has been challenging.By God’s grace we shall expand and get there.Thank God for SD.Courage!!

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