Leave it to Clara to open her mouth, and let something slip about the upcoming 50th Anniversary Special.

During the Royal tour of the TARDIS set in Cardiff, Jenna Coleman (she is now dropping the “Louise” from her screen name) met Prince Charles of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, along with Matt Smith and a few Daleks to boot.

BBC News: The Royals Meet Daleks During Doctor Who Visit in Cardiff

(As an aside, there’s something fascinating about hearing Charles yelling, “Exterminate!” into the Dalek voice modulator…)

After some greetings, a few chuckles about the size of the set, and other pleasantries, Jenna made a rather interesting comment about the filming of the 50th Anniversary Special, and the specific roles of the cast involved. Shall we warn you up front — SPOILERS, Sweeties?

As the BBC video offers some of the good-natured gathering, Jenna begins to discuss the work having just completed two months prior, and mentions “three different Doctors” on the set. Prince Charles asks for a little clarification, and Jenna responds (at 00:50) that since “John Hurt, David Tennant was back, and Matt, three different Doctors playing against each other.”

Well, for what you care to take from it, and her personal interpretation of Hurt’s actual “Doctor” role, this could be quite telling.  We at GPR still hold a lot of faith in the Valeyard theory, if you consider the Valeyard to be, in some fashion, the Doctor — more on that in an upcoming podcast in the next few weeks.

Let the wild-eyed theories…begin!



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  • ROFL!!!! Prince Charles as a Dalek is perhaps the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! I would have loved to have heard Camilla give it a go!

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