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Photo credit to Paul Hanley (

Have you ever wondered what sort of trouble Sarah Jane could get into if she were running around with River Song? Perhaps it warms your heart to consider a scene where the Brig sits down and has a pint with Captain Jack. Maybe you’ve caught yourself thinking about what would happen if the Fifth Doctor were the one to save Rose…

This week, we carelessly cross time streams all over the place, and come up with our favorite mash-ups for Doctor Who characters. It’s a fun session of “What would happen if…?” and shows just how rich and complex these characters truly are. Share your ideal pairings in the comments below.

  • The League of Lady Assassins: River Song, Vastra, Jenny & Leela
  • The ‘Husbands Sympathy’ Klatsch: Mickey, Danny & Rory
  • Nothing But Shouting: Sixth & Donna Noble
  • The Time Lady Syndicate: Romana & River Song
  • The Sarcastic Sleuths: Fourth & Vastra
  • The Faculty Lounge: Fifth & Martha
  • The Medical Response Team Who Rarely Perform Medicine: Rory & Martha
  • Pub Mates: Rose & Lucie Miller
  • Highlands and Lowlands: Twelfth & Jamie
  • The Staring Contest: Silence & Weeping Angels
  • The Great Sass-Off: Donna and Ninth
  • The Ultimate Team Player: Strax and…nearly anyone, really
  • The ‘Gone Too Soon’ Squad: Brian Pond and Perkins
  • The Anti-Human Patrol: First and Twelfth
  • Zero F#@&s Given: Lucie Bleedin’ Miller and Jack Harkness (pre-“Children of Earth”)
  • Cause for Opening a Vein: Lucie Bleedin’ Miller (“To the Death”) and Captain Jack Harkness (“Children of Earth”)
  • War Buddies: The Brigadier and Wilfred Mott (War Doctor)
  • Opposite Extremes of Total Badass: River Song and Kate Stewart
  • Doctor Playtime: Second and Eleventh
  • Fangirl: Osgood and Fourth
  • If There Was Anyone Who Could Flirt with a Mountain Range: Captain Jack and Clara
  • We’re Gonna Need Another Timmy: Rory and Captain Jack (with guest appearances by Clara)
  • Not That Kind of Doctor: River Song and Martha
  • My God, the Hair!: River Song and Fourth
  • Crazy for You: Missy and Idris
  • Creepy Kids: The ‘Are You My Mummy?’ Kid (“The Empty Child”) and the Kid Under the Blanket (“Listen”)

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