“Come on, we’re going to file a complaint.”

The lead-in to the holiday season wouldn’t be proper without shopping, shipping, and the eager anticipation of a package on your doorstep, now would it? And a season of Doctor Who wouldn’t be all it could be without giving you more than enough reason to fear that whole process, eh? It gives all new meaning to the phrase, “click, click, boom!”

Just in time to properly worry about Cyber Monday, Series 11 gives us “Kerblam!” a statement about the worries over technological advancement and automation, as well as the dangers of (all too human) fanatical extremism. Haley and Charles see shades of numerous sci-fi tropes (all wielded rather adeptly and resulting in a quite enjoyable story). Keir’s happy to see bubble wrap back in the limelight, though not quite as pleased to see a certain piece of headwear again. We all thoroughly enjoy our companions in this story, as Peter Tighe’s script nails the key contributions of each archetype. All the while, Keir’s microphone gives him reasons to want to start browsing online retailers for something more reliable. Let’s just hope they pack in foam peanuts.

EXTRA: We take a moment to note something we’re particularly thankful for as Whovians this year.