GPR Post HeaderDaleks, Zygons, Sontarans, Cybermen, Rutans, Slitheen, the list goes on and on. Planet Earth is no stranger to threats from alien species it knows virtually nothing about. Though seemingly a magnet for such invasions and plots, the Doctor has defended the human world and faced these foes many times, a Champion who has always been and will continue to be there to protect us, and help us, in our moment of — wait, where’s he running off to?

This week, we travel to the moon and decide if it really needs a good old fashioned nuclear assault, in the seventh episode of series 8, “Kill the Moon”. This divisive episode has certainly given Whovians plenty to discuss and bicker about for at least another week, and we in the GPR studio are no exception to that group. Join us as we take on the hard questions, air out the hurtful arguments, and ultimately concede that everyone has a valid point (which is how we like it).

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One Thought on “Kill the Moon”

  • I liked the concept of a moon being an egg. I just didn’t like the idea of OUR moon being an egg. Apart from that one minor thing (and major irritant) I liked the show. But, it’s such a major irritant, it’s my least-liked of the Capaldi episodes.

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