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Wake up, kids! It’s Christmas morning. An entire day to spend marathon-watching some Christmas films (along with a horror movie or two), stress a while about relationship dramas during the holiday season, and eat everything in the stocking…except the tangerine. Because nobody likes the tangerines. By mid-afternoon, we can slip quietly and blissfully into a chocolate-induced sugar coma. How bad could that possibly be?

The eagerly awaited 13th episode of Series 8 has finally arrived, and this week we talk about “Last Christmas” and Capaldi’s first holiday special. We find the Doctor and Clara abruptly reunited, a polar expedition fraught with alien (or “Alien”) horrors, and the jolly old elf, Santa Claus himself. Well, in a sense. Join us as we celebrate the Feast of Steven Moffat, take a joyous romp through the closing chapter of the series, and toast the last televised release from Doctor Who for many moons to come.

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One Thought on “Last Christmas”

  • Just a note regarding the conversation between old Clara and the Doctor, Clara called Twelve her Impossible Hero earlier in the series. I don’t think she was referring to any specific incarnation, just the doctor in general.

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