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Imagine if you will, that your tireless crusade has been completed, and you have finally converted everyone to Whovianism. You walk down the street, and every living soul you cast your eyes upon is a Whovian. You can strike up a conversation with a complete stranger and discuss your favorite companion, series, villain, or storyline. You can enter a crowded room and shout, “I always take a banana to a party!” and everyone laughs, and knows precisely what you mean. Sounds pretty awesome, huh?

talalayWelcome to the surreality that is the Gallifrey One event. Keir and Jay attended the 26th annual Doctor Who convention in sunny Los Angeles this Valentine’s Day weekend (two hearts are better than one, eh?) and have brought their report to you. From interviews with esteemed DW director Rachel Talalay, to panel discussions on the next companion, to cosplay representations of the Brigadier, Lucie Miller, the Mummy on the Orient Express, and the most adorable Dalek baby mutation you’d ever want to take home, we are your gateway to the wonderful world of “Gally1”. (Alcohol poisoning not required.)




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    • Glad to have you on board, Risa. It was a blast being on the panel with you, we look forward to hearing your input in the future.

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