Live from LI Who 4

We’ve had returns to alien worlds last seen when humans only perceived the world in black and white, scaly monsters thawed from the icy depths, and accoutrements on the TARDIS console that haven’t had hands jammed into them in over a generation. There’s something magical in realizing that a new episode of Doctor Who is actually using something from the “classic” era. (And hey, with the news today that Rona Munro is coming back to write an episode for Series 10, that counts, right? DARN RIGHT, it does.)

This week, live from Program Room C of the Long Island Doctor Who Con (or #liwho for everyone on the inside), we invite our audience in on the cast to discuss “Classic Renovations”. With the successful reintroduction of villains like the Ice Warriors and Great Intelligence, as well as conventions like the TARDIS Telepathic Interface and HADS, which other aspects of “classic” Doctor Who could see a successful return to the “modern” series? From characters, to locations, to technology, Keir and Haley sit back with more than a few drinks, and invite con attendees to hypothesize what could be brought into the current program, with varying degrees of update or rejuvenation.

Huge thanks to Ken, Billy, Amanda, Katie, Andre, Chris, and the entire L.I. Who team for yet another fantastic year. Our warmest dual-hearted hugs to all the GPR listeners who joined us, as well, and kept the conversation lively, light, and energized. 

“Give me pigeon headgear, or give me death.” Oh, yeah.