We all know the sound, the shape, the color. When we spend so much time following the wild adventures of a madman in a blue box, it’s only fitting that the box itself becomes as near and dear to our paired Gallifreyan hearts.

The TARDIS is one of the most recognizable and desirable “items” in the Whoniverse. There isn’t anything about her that you can’t help but love. But is it even acceptable to categorize the TT Capsule, Type 40, Mark III an “item” at all? An object, a means of transport, some inanimate thing to be possessed, or coveted?

This week, at long last, we take a look into what makes the beloved and iconic TARDIS so incredible. A vehicle, a home, and perhaps the Doctor’s truest and longest Companion — is there any way to categorize her succinctly? We explore the technology that goes into the most advanced space- and time-craft in the universe, and what comes of one of the most interesting characters to share adventures with the Doctor.


Note: A huge thanks once again to the GelaSkins team for being (in addition to Torontonian hep-cats) so great about hooking us up with gorgeous custom Whovian hard-cases for our smartphones. The next time we de-materialize near the Needle, the first round is on us. Cheers!



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