Have you ever had the experience of having someone you admire and respect unexpectedly refer to you as a friend? That moment of elation and humility, finding that you are someone they feel close to, and can rely on? Now imagine getting that accolade — from the Doctor.

This week we look at those individuals lucky enough to have the rebel Time Lord name them as friend. Sure, he’s had numerous companions and countless acquaintances, but in this segment, we’re looking beyond those relationships, and discussing those individuals who serve as far more than a “traveling buddy” for The Doctor.

  • The Near-and-Dear Friends
    • 2nd/3rd/4th & The Brigadier
    • 3rd/4th & Sarah Jane
    • 4th & Romana I/II
    • 9th/10th & Jack Harkness
    • 9th/10th & Rose
    • 10th & Donna
    • 11th & Craig Owens

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