Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. Looking fondly back on the vacations of our youth, remembering our first time driving without an adult in the car, thinking back to the television programs that entertained us so completely, so many years ago. Could we possibly be nostalgic for something that preceded a great majority of us? Even further, could we look to something from years past that perhaps we’ve never seen, and still feel that warmth and familiarity of our contemporary possessions? We certainly can, if those things we hold near and dear in the present day are built upon treasures of the past.

This week, we step through the evening fog of Totter’s Lane and open the gates of Foreman’s scrap yard to enjoy “An Unearthly Child”, the premiere episode of Doctor Who that aired in 1963 and set the time rotor in motion for a science fiction phenomenon that has changed all our lives. From the first moment Susan describes her grandfather’s ship as the TARDIS, to William Hartnell’s curmudgeonly-but-keen portrayal of the first Doctor, the story is as familiar as family, and as enjoyable as the program has ever been since.

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