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It was suddenly announced by the BBC that Ingrid Oliver will be returning to Doctor Who wearing a certain (shall we say, familiar?) character costume, in a Series 9 story that also happens to feature the shape-shifting Zygons. This has led to Whovians the world over simultaneously grinning, and scratching their heads in confusion.

This week, we pull the emergency brake to discuss the surprising news of this apparent — or alleged — return of fan favorite Osgood, and how this reappearance could impact the show moving forward. Because this very occurrence was emphatically denied by our word-crafty showrunner, we also take a moment to reflect yet again how Steven Moffat seems to have no concept of the finality of death. Or does he?

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One Thought on “Osgone, But I’m Back Now!”

  • Regarding what I’d do as showrunner:

    How do you think Doctor Who would change if they switched to a writers room format, rather than individual contracted writers? Rather than having one showrunner weave a loose plot through separately written episodes, what if all the writers sat in a room together and plotted the entire thing from beginning to end? Would that make the characters more consistent and patch up plot holes and problems? Or would it just take away the unique character and fresh feeling of each new episode?

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