From the early recordings of two American fans of Doctor Who¬†ecstatic over the just-aired episode, to the live recordings at Whovian conventions joined by listeners from far and wide, the GPR studio has grown from an extracurricular activity to a critical part of our lives. (I’m speaking personally at the moment, here, but as you’ll hear in the cast, the sentiment is shared.) Five years and 200 installments later, we have made more friends than we can count within this vast, complex, and impressive fan community. We’d say we owe it all to the Doctor, but in truth: we owe it all to you.

Join the GPR trio as we reflect on 200 episodes of our modest Doctor Who podcast, the impact that creating and producing the cast has had on each of our lives, and the profound respect and thanks we have for all those who have contributed, supported, and listened to us for the past half decade. Cheers, mates.

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2 Thoughts on “Our 200 Episode Diary”

  • Not bringing my usual geekular correction or “This actor originally showed up in this episode” blather … just want to say thank you very much for 200 episodes of amazing. You’ve given me a lot to enjoy and a lot to think about and I am looking forward to 200 more.

  • This maybe a few weeks late but congratulations on 200 amazing episodes. I may not have been there from the start, but I did mainline these podcast and listened to all the episodes to catch up in about a year, (minus the lost episodes). That is a lot of GPR. Listening to the cast and watching the program has meant a lot to me. I’ve come to understand that there are no bad episodes of Who. There may be episodes you don’t like particularly, but to someone else they may be gold. Rings of Akhaten anyone. Just like there are no bad Who fans. We each love the show for what it is and why it is. We all take something different from it and will continue to until there is no more show. This is like GPR there were no bad episodes, even those first few. This show has grown and completely given me a chance to appreciate the British show that has become essential to my life. Because of Who I have had some pretty interesting conversations with others. I’ve also brought my Girlfriend into the show I hope. It’s a slow go but I am trying, (thankfully she doesn’t hinder my crazy). I’m intending to make a trip to a con in the future, not this year but next and LI Who sounds perfect. It’s relatively close and seems just the right amount of fun I could have. You never know what can happen at a con and I really want to go to one again.

    Thank you to all of you on GPR, who give their time to this show.

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