…And still blathering.

When you reach a major milestone, the moment can carry with it a range of reactions: satisfaction; pride; wistfulness; exhaustion.You can reflect on the effort and investment that it took to get there; you can take time to wonder about what the next length of time may bring.

Here in the GPR studios, we carry all those emotions and outlooks simultaneously, and still have the presence of mind to worry about whether or not we all remembered to hit “record” on the sound deck before starting the conversation.

With 300 notches in our weekly podcasting belts, the GPR team takes pause in the anticipation of the next series to look at what six years and a long, long scheduling spreadsheet can accomplish. We have to thank all the guests who have joined us for discussions both in studio at on convention panels, as well as listeners who have given us support, suggestions, and more than a few ‘somebody out there, help us answer this question’ contributions. To all of you who listen, all who add their voice, and to everyone who we’ve had the pleasure and privilege to meet in person over all this time: thank you, from the depths of all our twin hearts.