who's next?

We have months to go before Series 10 even begins production, and possibly longer before we have definitive news on who the new companion(s) will be. You know what that means: pot-shot guesses and wild fan speculation!

Vote your conscience on the companion poll, and if you have some specifics on what you think will (or should) be done for the 12th Doctor’s company in the TARDIS console room, share it in the comments below. Let’s get hyped, and hypothesizing!

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7 Thoughts on “Poll: The Next Companion for Series 10”

  • I would love to see a brother/sister team on the TARDIS. Then we can have the attractive young woman and a man without sexual tension but still with a really interesting loving dynamic.

    • Interesting concept! One has to wonder how 12th would handle sibling rivalry situations in his TARDIS, during moments of high stress…

  • I know I would *love* to see Missy as a companion or rather more Missy takes the Doctor hostage and exploring what the “best friends” look like. But I think that would be ambitious and maybe too much for a full season thing.
    Though, I did recently see an article about BBC wanting Moffat to work on Sherlock and so S10 may get delayed. But if we given a little mini-Missy-series to hold us over that would just be fantastic.

    • Make that a “Special Missy-sode” … for the love of god don’t let DW turn into a mini-series event!

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