You may choose to point a finger in any number of directions to pin blame for the “Wilderness Years” when Doctor Who left the air. The 1996 tele-film was in many ways an attempt to bring the program to a new American audience, but for whatever reasons one may choose to apply, it was not the overwhelming success we may have hoped. Do producers in the United States have a particular and unique gift for wanting to boost program concepts from other global markets, but not get them quite right due to improper budget, inaccurate audience targeting, or perhaps poor casting choices? That last one gives us pause — and we could apologize to our silver-ghost-snake-form Master for it, but we doubt he’d listen before torturing us to the brink of death.

This week, we have a laugh at ourselves as American viewers, and wonder what we would do if trying to cast iconic Doctor Who roles with American actors who, for whatever reason, were not “the” commodity in demand at the moment. From the Ninth Doctor, to Sarah Jane Smith, to Strax, we poke a bit of good natured fun at our favorite program — and ourselves in the process — and learn that sometimes, what sounds like even the most ridiculous casting choice imaginable might actually be really, really entertaining to watch. (In a parallel universe, that is.)

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5 Thoughts on “Recasting On a Budget”

  • Also, it breaks my heart that I can’t rule out Lauren Ambrose for being A list, but that is a whole other matter.

  • One last one, and this really hurts : Saul Rubinek DQ for being too short. Whoever suggested him, I thought that was brilliant, but Rubinek is 5′ 7″. It’s not a case of not being a physical match for Colin Baker, it’s part of the character. Sixie looms imperiously over people, lording his superiority over everyone he meets. Rubinek might make a good Seven, though.

      • As I was saying, it’s not about Baker C being a tall actor, it’s about Sixie being a tall character. I haven’t seen Warehouse 13, but I have seen Rubinek in a bunch of other roles (Leverage, Badasss, Max Glick, etc.) and he tends to play small, shifty, rabbity, fast talking characters, far removed from the boisterous grandeur of Sixie. He’s a 7, not a 6.

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