“We’re always with you.”

We never really know what to do with holiday specials. Are they part of the series closing, a lead-in to the series to come, or something that (pun certainly intended) sits outside of time? Heck, we can’t even come to an agreement on how to number the things, and we call ourselves ‘fans’! Thankfully, no matter how you number it, sort it, or even what holiday it falls on, you get one from time to time that’s an absolute cracker. So that said: Happy New Year! ::pop:: ::whistle::

This week, we enjoy a boisterous, loud, daresay explosive hour-long adventure as our first and last piece of new televised Doctor Who content of the year. An all-too-familiar opponent makes a new appearance from a rather old point of origin, which leads to one of the Thirteenth Doctor’s best verbal exchanges of the season. Tosin Cole carries a rocky scene with exceptional skill, Bradley Walsh continues to be stellar, and Mandip Gill continues to be given far too little to work with. For the love of space, please make 2020 the #yearofyaz, would you?

EXTRA: We’re soon going to be discussing (appropriately) ways to fill the Whovian void over the next 12+ months, from comics, to novels, to audio, to conventions and cosplay. Send us your suggestions!