image00How do you cure post-regeneration depression in a Whovian? You bring in David Tennant. How do you help ease new viewers into a new leading actor? You bring in David Tennant. How do you take the dreams of a young child, who was himself a huge fan of a science fiction program, and chooses to pursue acting specifically so he can play the Doctor, though the show had vanished for nearly two decades, and make them a reality? You bring in David Tennant.

Viewers of the newly resurrected show in 2005 were shocked to hear that their leading man would be leaving the program after a single season, but any misgivings were quickly swept away when the hair of David Tennant (and, perhaps, the bloke under it) ran into frame in a slim suit and a pair of “sand shoe” trainers.

This week, we revisit some of the episodes that cemented 10 as “our” Doctor and show off just how amazing David Tennant’s hair (and, perhaps, the bloke under it) can truly be.

Source Material:

  • Tooth and Claw

  • Human Nature / Family of Blood
  • The Waters of Mars

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