It’s nearly here…that wonderful, horrible moment where we realize that we are FINALLY getting new Doctor Who content…but at such a price. Steven Moffat has us teased and tempted for what could be an exceptional final series in his hands, and Peter Capaldi shows absolutely no signs of letting off the accelerator for his final season as the Doctor. Bill and Nardole are ready to (basically) run, and the cavalcade of monsters waiting in the wings are both impressive and formidable. What could we possibly want? Well, funny you should ask…

This week, we look at all we know about the upcoming season, and lay out some of our wishes for the Series 10 episodes to come. These aren’t the if-it-were-up-to-me or if-continuity-didn’t-matter or other “pipe dream” wishes; these are realistic, achievable (at least in our estimation) goals for what could be presented in the next 12 episodes…and Christmas special. From character progression, to utilization of classic foes, to that (ahem) recent news about a certain evil Time Lord, we really hope some of these boxes get ticked by the close of the Moffat era.

BONUS: “This Day in Doctor Who”, where we haunt Jay’s sanity for a few moments regarding ‘The Unquiet Dead’.

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2 Thoughts on “Series 10 Wishes”

  • This is my favorite game. I love to listen to you guys (and the others I listen to) and see what you think will happen, then see if it does. Not in a negative way, but see how much you get right. More precisely to see how you react to being right or wrong. When I watch the show, I watch and just enjoy. Then as the show runs, I see certain bits and say oh, I can’t wait to hear what the podcasts have to say. See if I saw things the same way.

    • Oh, you could level many a wobbly table in your favorite diner, with the stack of things we got wrong. As for reactions? You can tell which of us is the sore loser. =)

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