No changes are permanent, but change is.

When things are in a state of change, there can be unrest from any number of sources. Some will feel uneasy because of the lack of stability, the points of reference that were once relied upon. Some will worry due to the new direction itself, the unknown and untested. Others may rankle against the very nature of change itself.

But some will bare their teeth in a grin, rather than a wince. They will lean forward, not crouch back. They will sing to the tumult, rather than cry or wail because of it. Us? We’re warming up the choir.

With the possibility of seeing Series 11 even sooner than we had mentally prepared ourselves for, we take stock of what HAS been confirmed for the season to come on Doctor Who. From casting to production, structure and format to theme and vision, the sea change that awaits on the horizon is not only grounds for our excitement, but for celebration as Thirteen and her friends take to the screen this autumn. [Insert catchphrase yet to be coined here.]

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