Sleep No More

There are moments where the format of a long-running program needs to be shaken up, risks taken, and experiments conducted to see not only how far the limits can be pushed, but how far the audience will travel in that ‘concept car’. Mark Gatiss has certainly dropped a large amount of¬†unfamiliar content, story structure and cinematic elements into his latest episode, and the response has been polarizing, to say the least. But in the end, does it even matter?

This week, we scratch our heads after watching a few iterations of “Sleep No More”, the found-footage bottle episode that finds our Doctor and Clara on a 38th century research vessel orbiting Neptune. You might feel as if you’ve just simultaneously viewed The Ring and Paranormal Activity while playing Doom and reading Gaiman’s Sandman, but it’s alright, because none of this [bzzzt] really happened, after [bzzt-crackle] all. Just go back to sleep.

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