The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did

“Sometimes, you want to know how the other half lives.” This may be the case when you’re daydreaming about life in a higher income bracket, but if you’re an indentured alien warrior going to otherworldly and other-reality extremes to free yourself of your oppressor, you might want to draw up a quick pro/con list before agreeing to get sucked into a funky glowing French press machine and being asked to battle mythological deities in order to merely reserve a spot for […]

The Nutty Professor

Magician, mentor, madman. When Sylvester McCoy took the control panel of the TARDIS from Colin Baker during the break between Series 23 and 24, he had quite the challenge in front of him. Thanks to a complex repertoire of dramatic skills ranging from classical to slapstick, a primary script writer who had a clear direction of the story he wished to tell, and a viewer-satisfying Companion arc, our Seventh Doctor rose to that challenge, and this week we delve into three episodes […]