Battle of the Spin-Offs

It is a foregone conclusion, from a television programming and development standpoint, that a series so popular and successful as to run a span of over fifty years is sure to take a swing at tangential or “spin-off” series at one time or another. Doctor Who has had numerous such attempts, most notably the 2006 action-drama Torchwood, the 2007 series The Sarah Jane Adventures, and most recently, Class in 2016. Each had a target audience, a clear intent for what it […]

The Lost

The adage states that the strongest metals are tested through fire. While we may not fully grasp the accuracy of a blacksmithing reference, we’ve seen (and perhaps experienced) instances where an individual’s resolve strengthens under adverse conditions, or bonds between two or more seem to deepen after emerging from emotional or physical trials. But is an exception, or a rule? Aren’t there just as many examples of comraderies that dissolve in the face of opposition, of relationships that break under the pressure […]

The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did

“Sometimes, you want to know how the other half lives.” This may be the case when you’re daydreaming about life in a higher income bracket, but if you’re an indentured alien warrior going to otherworldly and other-reality extremes to free yourself of your oppressor, you might want to draw up a quick pro/con list before agreeing to get sucked into a funky glowing French press machine and being asked to battle mythological deities in order to merely reserve a spot for […]


It doesn’t matter what you did to get here, or didn’t do, or what the “real story” is. The fact is, you’re in detention, that fact isn’t going to change, so you might as well take your lumps, and get it over with. That is, unless a malevolent sentient chunk of glowing geode happens to knock your localized region out of time and space, in which case you had better get used to seeing the same faces around you for […]

Brave-ish Heart

Ah, young love. It has the power to inspire, to uplift the soul, to make one feel superhuman, to give one the courage to take on a physical incarnation of malicious darkness and pure evil that threatens to tear through the fabric of our universe and slaughter us all in an act of vengeance against wrongs we never knew existed. Or, you know, to write endless trite love songs. Ooh, baby, baby. This week, we resolve the previous Class cliffhanger in […]

Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart

Emotions are complex and most often unpredictable catalysts for change. Our minds process and choose to react to events with a series of chemical releases and electrical charges, and just as we are individual in our personalities and identities, so are our responses to intense situations. What would happen if the nature of our reactions were in some way tied to those of another? Not in the sense of empathy, but actual physical and emotional pulls driven by a completely separate entity? “Loss […]


[ SPOILERS! This episode discusses the new Doctor Who spin-off series, Class. ] We all deal with grief in very different, very personal ways. Whether or not we ever truly come to terms with the loss of a loved one is unpredictable at best, and hinges upon any number of factors, both in and out of our control. Consider the impact, then, of a malicious entity that feeds upon that uncertainty and emotional upheaval — attempting to manipulate us at […]

The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo

No one has ever said that the successful balance of academics and athletics was easy. Even those who seem to accomplish this effortlessly are only demonstrating the perceived end result of discipline, training, and a fair helping of raw talent. But if you’ve decided to take on the added challenge of identifying and defeating a massive, body-skinning, flesh-consuming serpentine beast, well…you had better eat your Wheaties. (And hey, it goes without reminding you, but — SPOILERS LAY WITHIN, students.) In this GPR […]

For Tonight We Might Die

There are difficulties and challenges dealt with by any teenager, all part of their transition from the carefree days of youth, to the rigors and responsibilities of adulthood. We all encounter them; we all know their faces. Few if any, however, have to contend with the realization that your most acidic and callous teacher is actually a militant alien forced into servitude on this planet, and that your school social dance is about to be overrun by a horde of creatures that […]

The School That Time Forgot

Those heady days of youth, when everything was experienced, felt, lived and loved in the present moment, and there was not a care in the world — or at least, not of this Earth. Who can forget the conversations with friends in the courtyards, the glances cast towards our crushes in the hallways, the explosions and showers of glass and rubble as Daleks burst through the walls of the science lab? Ah, memories. This week, we look at the past, […]