One L.I. Who 2 Remember

We knew we had arrived at a very special place when the little Nissan compact in front of us had license plates from over 1,800 miles away, and a plush Dalek hanging from the rear-view window. Unpacking the recording gear and heading towards the lobby, the unmistakable “Official TARDIS Chase & Recovery Vehicle” owned and operated by the gifted TARDIS Tara dominated the first two parking spaces like a Whovian shrine. A glance to the right displayed a small sign […]

A Whovian at DragonCon

There is a certain form of tangible energy when a large gathering of people start to descend upon a single location, an element of anticipation and excitement that collects and rises in a wave that distorts time. With each new cluster of arrivals, the throng grows in intensity and volume, punctuated with shrieks of welcome, the clap of embraces, and the chatter that turns all individual conversations into an increasing fun, devoid of individual words, but uniform in a tone […]