A Wise Person Once Said…

There once was a campaign in the United States for an investment broker, where the tagline read, “When <company> talks, everyone listens.” You may not have an iota of interest in the stock market, of course, but when the Doctor steps forward, takes a strengthening breath, and begins an oration, the viewing audience joins the supporting cast in rapt attention to what is about to be said. It may even be argued that within the past 3 series, the opportunities for […]

Donna, We’re On!

We’ve spent numerous conversations both on and off GPR discussing the relationships and balance of persona between the Doctor and any given companion in the past, and undoubtedly will continue to do so in years to come, as storyline and casting changes occur. Within the many permutations we’ve witnessed as Doctor Who fans, there may be none that compares to the TARDIS Team that was at once both the greatest friendship, and the most delightful discord, as the Tenth Doctor and […]

Hey, It’s (That Doctor Who Actor)!

The television shines with that welcome glow, you begin to watch a new program or film for the evening, and all of a sudden, an unexpected familiar face pulls you completely out of the storyline as you realize that you’re looking at one of your beloved Doctor Who characters, but seen completely out of character. (Does that make sense?) This week, we discuss instances where Doctor Who alum appear out-of-the-blue in shows or films we weren’t prepared for, forcing us to try and reconcile the […]

Our Favorites: Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead

A planet-sized library. 4,022 missing people. Hive-minded swarms of shadow piranhas. A team of futuristic archeologists in peril. And among them, one enigmatic professor with a greater knowledge of events than she reasonably should. Need we say more? It doesn’t take a genius to see why Haley made these episodes her choice for the GPR “Our Favorites” arc. The iconic introduction of River, Donna in full force, the Tenth Doctor’s hair, and of course, the bone-scattering Vashta Nerada. This two-part whirlwind from Steven […]

Our Favorites: The Girl in the Fireplace

What happens when you combine David Tennant’s full-tilt portrayal of the boyish, madcap Doctor, Steven Moffat’s ability to create emotionally compelling tales, pre-revolutionary France, organ-harvesting clockwork droids from 3,000 years in the future, and the incredibly lovely Sofia Myles? Clearly, you result in one of the first “modern classic” episodes of post-2005 Doctor Who. This week, our appreciation of personal favorite stories allows Jay to share his episode selection, “The Girl in the Fireplace”. As a great stand-alone episode, and a perfect sample […]