Classic Rewatch: Genesis of the Daleks

Typically, we’d use this moment to compose a little anecdote about the world around us, a little commentary on social behavior and interaction, and then tie it in somehow to a recurring theme or plot line from the classic Doctor Who story we’re currently revisiting. Doing so, in this case, would rob us of the time we’d rather be enjoying one of Tom Baker’s most iconic performances, and a remarkably solid script from Terry Nation. (We know you had it […]

The Magician’s Apprentice

The advisement that “your patience will be rewarded” often sounds like something you’d tell a child who asks repeatedly how much longer they have to wait for a birthday, or allowance, or other anticipation. Why would it be any different for us as the groundlings at Steven Moffat’s feet, hoping against hope that this is the day we are given a tremendous gift, and that gift is not only all we hoped for, but perhaps even more for the sake of wanting? Could […]

Duels with Davros

From promising young scientist, to father of genocidal pepper pots, Davros has had more opportunities than most to test the Doctor’s resolve. He’s always willing to conduct deep philosophical discussion with the Time Lord on topics of authority, power and morality, and give the Doctor (and the rest of us) something to ponder regarding the limits of evil. With the newest trailers from the BBC, it’s all but blatantly stated that we will be seeing the return of the malevolent little whack-a-mole. We […]