Classic Rewatch: The War Machines

Technology is an amazing thing. To think that over the span of little more than 60 years, we’ve gone from “supercomputers” the size of an office building, to one that can fit in your skinny jeans’ pocket, is really incredible when you stop to think about it. Decades ago, the only really powerful processing machines were in the hands of either universities, or the military, and the first thing they thought to do was to harness their collective power by […]

Classic Rewatch: The Ark

What is a person to do when confronted with the end of your planet? Build a giant spaceship, miniaturize your entire species, enslave an alien race, and begin a journey across space that will take millennia, of course. This week, we dematerialize in time to enjoy the WIlliam Hartnell-era Doctor Who story, “The Ark.” With (Spaceman) Steven Taylor and new companion Dodo along, they certainly get the attention of the Earth vessel’s crew when Dodo’s cold becomes an epidemic. But after all, there’s […]