Classic Rewatch: Shada

Never given the chance to film in its entirety in 1979, what was slated to be the penultimate story of Season 17 was left in production limbo until a team of animators, producers, and cast came together to complete and broadcast Douglas Adams’ final Doctor Who script in 2017.

City of Death

Classic Rewatch: City of Death

With a bottle of wine, a chicken egg, a clenched fist, and a famous painting of a nonplussed Italian noblewoman, we head to Paris for what is undoubtedly our favorite classic era story. From the ‘we can’t believe it was written this quickly’ backstory, to the snappy and smart Douglas Adams dialogue, to the over-the-top but still delightful performances, we agree that the only thing we’d want to change about it is the duration. We’d want more.

Our Favorites: City of Death

Ask any classic Whovian what stories they simply must watch, and “City of Death” will likely be one of the first answers given — often without a moment’s hesitation. This iconic Tom Baker story penned by the great Douglas Adams of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fame is a crowning achievement of not only the classic era, but of the program’s entire legacy¬†in general. Combining whipcrack dialogue, a clever amalgam of science fiction, heist capers and comedy, and even a […]