The “Doctor Who Am I?” Documentary Project

If you’ve attended a Doctor Who themed convention in the United States over the past year, odds are very good that one of the camera crews seen milling about was shooting footage for an upcoming documentary titled, “Doctor Who Am I?”, a project from the creative minds of Vanessa Yuille and Matthew Jacobs, who co-produced and wrote the 1996 TV Doctor Who film. As a study of the American DW fandom and its fascinating embrace of a five decade-running British program, it […]

The Clique-ing of the Clock

Whether you deem yourself a part of the “Baker Brigade” or a flag-waving resident of “Tennant Nation”, we’re talking to you. If you align yourself firmly with “Classic Who”, “NuWho”, or are a recruit/convert/drop-in from Torchwood, we’d like a moment of your time. Everyone listening? Thank you. In the words of another time-traveling team, we ask that you cease with in-fighting, and “be excellent to each other.” There are all sorts of subsets within the Doctor Who fan base, and if examine your stance carefully, you’ll […]

One L.I. Who 2 Remember

We knew we had arrived at a very special place when the little Nissan compact in front of us had license plates from over 1,800 miles away, and a plush Dalek hanging from the rear-view window. Unpacking the recording gear and heading towards the lobby, the unmistakable “Official TARDIS Chase & Recovery Vehicle” owned and operated by the gifted TARDIS Tara dominated the first two parking spaces like a Whovian shrine. A glance to the right displayed a small sign […]