Classic Rewatch: Inferno

There are elements of “classic” Doctor Who that make even the most die-hard fans a little uneasy. Low-budget limitations on effects, rushed plot devices, possibly a poorly-cast extra who can’t seem to keep from pulling focus, even as a dead body. But then there are the exemplary stories, the ones where the acting, pacing, story concept, and the precarious balance of action and wit all add up to a pitch-perfect viewing experience. We may gush a bit, like so many […]

Live from Gallifrey One: Station 27

Consider it the family reunion you actually want to attend each year — we return to the corridors and conference rooms of the Los Angeles Marriott, and the 27th iteration of the Gallifrey One convention. Joined (this time in person!) by Alyssa of Whovian Feminism, we recap our personal highlights of the weekend, console one another on our mutual exhaustion, and revel in all the memories we take with us on our respective travels homeward. From child cosplayers who delighted […]

Live from Gallifrey One

Imagine if you will, that your tireless crusade has been completed, and you have finally converted everyone to Whovianism. You walk down the street, and every living soul you cast your eyes upon is a Whovian. You can strike up a conversation with a complete stranger and discuss your favorite companion, series, villain, or storyline. You can enter a crowded room and shout, “I always take a banana to a party!” and everyone laughs, and knows precisely what you mean. Sounds […]