Revolution of the Daleks

After ten months of waiting, we dip back into the daily doings of the three isolated companions to see how they’ve fared with their ten months away from the Doctor. We have an answer to the frenetic final moments of Series 12, and all four of us are quite satisfied with the outcome, albeit very, very bittersweet.



This week, we enjoy a boisterous, loud, daresay explosive hour-long adventure as our first and last piece of new televised Doctor Who content of the year. An all-too-familiar opponent makes a new appearance from a rather old point of origin, which leads to one of the Thirteenth Doctor’s best verbal exchanges of the season.

Last Christmas

Wake up, kids! It’s Christmas morning. An entire day to spend marathon-watching some Christmas films (along with a horror movie or two), stress a while about relationship dramas during the holiday season, and eat everything in the stocking…except the tangerine. Because nobody likes the tangerines. By mid-afternoon, we can slip quietly and blissfully into a chocolate-induced sugar coma. How bad could that possibly be? The eagerly awaited 13th episode of Series 8 has finally arrived, and this week we talk about “Last Christmas” and […]

The Ghost of Christmas Specials Past

The soft glow of the holiday lights. The faint strains of a familiar carol heard from a neighbor’s home. The smell of nutmeg floating in the crisp air. The shiver down your spine as a needle-sharp claw comes to rest on your shoulder. Happy Christmas, Whovians! With the holiday mere days away, and more importantly for our calendars, the Doctor Who Christmas special, we decided to take a look back at the previous yuletide offerings that have been placed under our trees…right next to that […]