In the Forest of the Night

Wood is used by humankind for countless applications, from building materials, to heating, to artistic expression, to novelty keychains you pay far too much for in gift shops at the beach. We cut down trees for seemingly any reason we can conjure. But what if the trees had enough of that practice? What if they decided to fight back? Such is the plot we all, including the Doctor, expected for the first 75% of the Series 8 episode, “In the Forest of the Night”. What […]

Taking Kids to the Doctor

Have you watched kids television lately? I mean, really sat down, and paid attention to the shows kids enjoy watching? The vast majority of them are horrible beyond description. So you would think that introducing them to something as awesome as Doctor Who would be a slam dunk, right? Right? So many kids can be seriously resistant to anything that’s not animated, and other programming may have some questionable (at best) content, so this time around, we we offer some […]