Live from L.I. Who 3

“No changes are permanent / But change is.” Musician Neil Peart’s lyric from ‘Tom Sawyer’ may very well have been speaking of the Doctor Who program, a premise that, since the Troughton era, was built upon the idea of changes great and small. Recorded live from the Friday festivities at Long Island Doctor Who Con 3 (or L.I. Who 3, for short), we get a rare opportunity to chat directly with attending GPR listeners on the subject of intentional instability […]

Live from Gallifrey One

Imagine if you will, that your tireless crusade has been completed, and you have finally converted everyone to Whovianism. You walk down the street, and every living soul you cast your eyes upon is a Whovian. You can strike up a conversation with a complete stranger and discuss your favorite companion, series, villain, or storyline. You can enter a crowded room and shout, “I always take a banana to a party!” and everyone laughs, and knows precisely what you mean. Sounds […]