Empress of Mars

The nobility of the warrior, the code of conduct to which they adhere, has been the subject of dramatic entertainment for millennia. From the amphitheaters of Ancient Greece, to the television programs of today, we can still be awed by the discipline and honor exemplified by history’s greatest warrior civilizations. The reptilian species of Mars once held this level of esteem — one facet of a complex and unique nature — and the Doctor himself recognizes it. “They could slaughter entire civilizations…and weep […]

Let It Be Written

We are appreciators, enthusiasts, and fanatics of certain television programs due in no small part to the captivating nature of the stories they tell. They are the creators and builders of worlds, the artists that add color, detail, and depth to an audio-visual experience that captures our imaginations, stimulates our minds, and often touches our hearts. With over 250 televised stories within Doctor Who, how does each writer put their individual and unique mark upon the tale being told? Can a producer […]

Sleep No More

There are moments where the format of a long-running program needs to be shaken up, risks taken, and experiments conducted to see not only how far the limits can be pushed, but how far the audience will travel in that ‘concept car’. Mark Gatiss has certainly dropped a large amount of unfamiliar content, story structure and cinematic elements into his latest episode, and the response has been polarizing, to say the least. But in the end, does it even matter? This […]