A Wise Person Once Said…

There once was a campaign in the United States for an investment broker, where the tagline read, “When <company> talks, everyone listens.” You may not have an iota of interest in the stock market, of course, but when the Doctor steps forward, takes a strengthening breath, and begins an oration, the viewing audience joins the supporting cast in rapt attention to what is about to be said. It may even be argued that within the past 3 series, the opportunities for […]

11th at Stonehenge

Ours Goes Up to Eleven

“I’m going to need a SWAT team, ready to mobilise. Street level maps covering all of Florida. A pot of coffee, twelve Jammie Dodgers and a fez.” Amidst the laser volleys, explosions, temporal anomalies, squawking communicators and bleeping computer panels, a gaunt figure strolls into view. With a slight pause to lift the head, extending his lithe frame to full height, and an adjustment to a tightly bound bow tie, the Eleventh Doctor can either quell the chaos around him with a […]