Our Series 8 Recap

For three months, we have journeyed with Peter Capaldi on his first series as the Doctor, and it has been every bit of the wild ride we had hoped for. Together, we battled clockwork droids, Daleks, and Cybermen. Side by side, we faced down new villainous threats like the Skovox, Blitzer and the hastily (poorly?) named “Boneless”. With his guidance, we found the hidden truths behind misunderstood monsters like the Teller and the Mummy. Spurred on by his relentless pursuit of adventure […]


What would be the best way for a fledgling Doctor Who writer to handle being assigned the “Doctor-Light” episode of the series? Scare the crap out of us so that we forget everything else (i.e., “Blink”). Give the Companion, effectively left on their own, the chance to show how incredible they really are (i.e., “Turn Left”). Cheat like a lazy school kid, and scatter the Doctor all throughout the episode in the hopes that no-one notices. Jamie Mathieson appeared to like all three options, and […]

Mummy on the Orient Express

For the Doctor, the statement “I’ll be right there” can take far greater liberties than for the rest of us. So it’s not surprising that after centuries in his time line (and three series in ours), he finally returned that mysterious call, and made it to the Orient Express in space to come face to face with the mummy that apparently haunts it. This week, we discuss “Mummy on the Orient Express” and the first classically-styled murder mystery we’ve had on Doctor […]