An Interview with The Sevateem

  Once upon a time, an aspiring musician from the Land of One Thousand Lakes had an idea to create an epic work of song and lyric, in honor of a story that was dear to his heart. Because the Fates don’t always bring opportunity and inspiration to the dining table at the same time, the idea waited. It was patient. It would find its moment. It was a good idea. Nearly fifteen years passed. Lives changed, new adventures came […]

Pop Music in Doctor Who

Whether it is thirty seconds playing on a jukebox as background ambience, or a wild megalomaniacal sing-along belted out before taking over the world, popular music has been a part of Doctor Who since the emerging days of the Beatles. Now, with musical artists actually appearing and performing on screen in DW episodes, it appears as though we may have turned a corner. This week, we take a look at the inclusion of popular music in Doctor Who to date, and ask if there […]