Death in Heaven

With Missy’s identity revealed and the fate of Danny’s soul still in question, Whovians were primed and ready for Steven Moffat’s final offering for Series 8. But did he deliver? With the aforementioned nemesis in full madcap form, the triumphant reappearance of Kate Stewart and U.N.I.T., and a new twist on the a Cybermen invasion all vying for the viewer’s attention, there is likely more to discuss than we can possibly cover — But honestly, has that ever stopped us from trying before? […]

Taking Kids to the Doctor

Have you watched kids television lately? I mean, really sat down, and paid attention to the shows kids enjoy watching? The vast majority of them are horrible beyond description. So you would think that introducing them to something as awesome as Doctor Who would be a slam dunk, right? Right? So many kids can be seriously resistant to anything that’s not animated, and other programming may have some questionable (at best) content, so this time around, we we offer some […]

Strax Day?

In the interests of fairness, as we *did* recognize River Song Day last week, we should point out that on 4 June, 2011, BBC aired the episode “A Good Man Goes to War’, which featured the first appearance of our beloved soldier, field nurse, chauffeur, memory worm wrangler (novice) and explosive enthusiast, Sontaran Commander Strax. (Follow him on Twitter @SontaranStrax.) So join us in the battle cry: “Sontar-HA! Sontar-HA!” Just don’t refer to him as “The Potato One”. He gets […]

River Song Day

Five years, sweetie. As I reflect on some of the most spirited, or at times emotional discussions I’ve had with Whovians both here on GPR, and among the masses, there always seem to be two topics that at the merest mention, cause my Gallifreyan hearts to shudder, my chest tighten, and leave me scanning the room for an escape pod in case I begin to lose my composure completely. Topic One is, and always will be, the centuries-old symbiosis between […]

So who wrote this, anyway?


We’ve hit the halfway point for series 7B, and it has finally taken the turn we were waiting for. We discuss the new episode penned by Neil Cross, Hide. The “right proper ghost story” finally hits our screens and we discuss the story, the implications, and the general spooky nature that it brought to us. Link Dump: The real story behind Barrowman NOT being in DW50? Apparently *this* is the most exciting 50th picture Cinematic new posters for the next 4 […]