A Masterful Villain

It makes perfect literary sense. How do you create a villain who is legitimately threatening, an engaging and interesting match for the protagonist’s strengths, but is not over-powerful? Simple solution: You take the hero, and make them evil. If someone is so near to your intellectual and capable equal in nearly all counts, the “chess match” is all the more balanced, and victory that much harder to attain. So it makes sense that Doctor Who showrunners would nurture such a perfect foil, and […]

The Third Time Lord’s the Charm

This week, we shine a light on the work of our Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee. We explore a few stand-out episodes from a truly stellar run, that helped to steer “Doctor Who” into becoming not only an increasingly popular program for the family, but one that became synonymous with the British identity and its pop culture through the 1970s and well beyond. From space hobo to action hero, the Doctor made a dramatic change in persona, and once again, brought […]