Osgone, But I’m Back Now!

It was suddenly announced by the BBC that Ingrid Oliver will be returning to Doctor Who wearing a certain (shall we say, familiar?) character costume, in a Series 9 story that also happens to feature the shape-shifting Zygons. This has led to Whovians the world over simultaneously grinning, and scratching their heads in confusion. This week, we pull the emergency brake to discuss the surprising news of this apparent — or alleged — return of fan favorite Osgood, and how this reappearance could impact […]

The No-Longer-Impossible Girl

When she first appeared unexpectedly in “Asylum of the Daleks”, we were all shocked and left unable to form a proper opinion. When she then returned (in another form) in “The Snowmen”, we fell in love, only to mourn her inexplicable death. And when ‘Clara Prime’ finally joined us in “The Bells of St. John,” we reached the point of wondering what the hell was really going on. Now that we’re on the other side of a character-driven and well-structured Series 8, and we have a fully realized […]

The Return of…

The BBC has confirmed that both Missy and Kate Stewart will both be returning for Series 9, and this got us wondering; who else might we see return? More accurately stated, who is most likely to return in the season ahead? Then of course, being the rabid fanatics we are, we descend quickly into postulating who should-would-could-ought-to, and…well, you get the idea. This week, we start by putting concerted effort into predicting those characters who would make the most sense […]