But Enough About Us…

There are moments when we like to take pause, and hand the proverbial microphone to our listeners, allowing them to steer the conversation, share their opinions, and tell us all the many, many ways that we are flatly wrong. This time around, we opened Pandora’s Box in the attempt to find what everyone outside the GPR studios thought of Doctor Who Series 8 in our online poll (still open, by the way!), and the response was staggering. In fact, we received so much great feedback […]

Last Christmas

Wake up, kids! It’s Christmas morning. An entire day to spend marathon-watching some Christmas films (along with a horror movie or two), stress a while about relationship dramas during the holiday season, and eat everything in the stocking…except the tangerine. Because nobody likes the tangerines. By mid-afternoon, we can slip quietly and blissfully into a chocolate-induced sugar coma. How bad could that possibly be? The eagerly awaited 13th episode of Series 8 has finally arrived, and this week we talk about “Last Christmas” and […]

There Are No Stupid Questions…

If there’s one thing Steven Moffat knows how to do exceptionally well, it’s how to leave a viewer exasperated and asking, “But…but…what about (this)?” While Series 8 certainly had a fair number of fascinating revelations and answers, there are still plenty of questions left untended. This week, we discuss some of the glaring omissions, some minor holes in our knowledge, and the minuscule things that shouldn’t bother us…but we can’t help but keep going over in our head. (For example, where […]

New Doctor, Seeking Patience

The question of how Peter Capaldi would live up to his predecessors was on the lips and minds of every Whovian leading up to Series 8. It was mere moments into “Deep Breath” that the question shifted to, “Now what?” By the time the viewing audience skidded to a halt at the close of “Death in Heaven”, the query might well have been, “Where does he go from here?” This week we take a look at the personal character arc that […]

A Masterful Villain

It makes perfect literary sense. How do you create a villain who is legitimately threatening, an engaging and interesting match for the protagonist’s strengths, but is not over-powerful? Simple solution: You take the hero, and make them evil. If someone is so near to your intellectual and capable equal in nearly all counts, the “chess match” is all the more balanced, and victory that much harder to attain. So it makes sense that Doctor Who showrunners would nurture such a perfect foil, and […]

Our Series 8 Recap

For three months, we have journeyed with Peter Capaldi on his first series as the Doctor, and it has been every bit of the wild ride we had hoped for. Together, we battled clockwork droids, Daleks, and Cybermen. Side by side, we faced down new villainous threats like the Skovox, Blitzer and the hastily (poorly?) named “Boneless”. With his guidance, we found the hidden truths behind misunderstood monsters like the Teller and the Mummy. Spurred on by his relentless pursuit of adventure […]

Dark Water

“Is this all there really is to life?” A simple question that has driven mankind’s curiosity, scientific research, and religious fervor since the dawn of time. And in all this time, there is still no definitive answer. So what might happen when, just for a hypothetical case, your girlfriend confesses her deepest love to you on the phone, catching you so off guard that you wander into the street and, say, get hit by a car? This week, we discuss the penultimate episode […]

In the Forest of the Night

Wood is used by humankind for countless applications, from building materials, to heating, to artistic expression, to novelty keychains you pay far too much for in gift shops at the beach. We cut down trees for seemingly any reason we can conjure. But what if the trees had enough of that practice? What if they decided to fight back? Such is the plot we all, including the Doctor, expected for the first 75% of the Series 8 episode, “In the Forest of the Night”. What […]

The Caretaker

We all have that one friend. You know the one: the one you don’t let your other friends know you have; the one you only spend time with when no one is there to see. Some of us live in fear of (and some have already realized the horror of) the day when those two separate parts of our lives collide. Now, imagine your one friend is an alien whose idea of a compliment is telling you how relatively short your […]