Osgone, But I’m Back Now!

It was suddenly announced by the BBC that Ingrid Oliver will be returning to Doctor Who wearing a certain (shall we say, familiar?) character costume, in a Series 9 story that also happens to feature the shape-shifting Zygons. This has led to Whovians the world over simultaneously grinning, and scratching their heads in confusion. This week, we pull the emergency brake to discuss the surprising news of this apparent — or alleged — return of fan favorite Osgood, and how this reappearance could impact […]

Our Favorites: Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead

A planet-sized library. 4,022 missing people. Hive-minded swarms of shadow piranhas. A team of futuristic archeologists in peril. And among them, one enigmatic professor with a greater knowledge of events than she reasonably should. Need we say more? It doesn’t take a genius to see why Haley made these episodes her choice for the GPR “Our Favorites” arc. The iconic introduction of River, Donna in full force, the Tenth Doctor’s hair, and of course, the bone-scattering Vashta Nerada. This two-part whirlwind from Steven […]

Our Favorites: The Girl in the Fireplace

What happens when you combine David Tennant’s full-tilt portrayal of the boyish, madcap Doctor, Steven Moffat’s ability to create emotionally compelling tales, pre-revolutionary France, organ-harvesting clockwork droids from 3,000 years in the future, and the incredibly lovely Sofia Myles? Clearly, you result in one of the first “modern classic” episodes of post-2005 Doctor Who. This week, our appreciation of personal favorite stories allows Jay to share his episode selection, “The Girl in the Fireplace”. As a great stand-alone episode, and a perfect sample […]

The People v. Steven Moffat

To draw a quote from the great Benjamin Franklin and throw it into an entirely unfamiliar context, it is the first responsibility of every [fan] to question [the showrunner]. We as Whovians, however, may have taken this axiom to a whole new level. There’s no way to be a fan of Doctor Who with access to the Internet, and not hear (at best) the lamentations of how Stephen Moffat is ruining the show in often completely contradictory ways, or (at worst) the cries for his curly head […]

There Are No Stupid Questions…

If there’s one thing Steven Moffat knows how to do exceptionally well, it’s how to leave a viewer exasperated and asking, “But…but…what about (this)?” While Series 8 certainly had a fair number of fascinating revelations and answers, there are still plenty of questions left untended. This week, we discuss some of the glaring omissions, some minor holes in our knowledge, and the minuscule things that shouldn’t bother us…but we can’t help but keep going over in our head. (For example, where […]

Our Series 8 Recap

For three months, we have journeyed with Peter Capaldi on his first series as the Doctor, and it has been every bit of the wild ride we had hoped for. Together, we battled clockwork droids, Daleks, and Cybermen. Side by side, we faced down new villainous threats like the Skovox, Blitzer and the hastily (poorly?) named “Boneless”. With his guidance, we found the hidden truths behind misunderstood monsters like the Teller and the Mummy. Spurred on by his relentless pursuit of adventure […]

The Caretaker

We all have that one friend. You know the one: the one you don’t let your other friends know you have; the one you only spend time with when no one is there to see. Some of us live in fear of (and some have already realized the horror of) the day when those two separate parts of our lives collide. Now, imagine your one friend is an alien whose idea of a compliment is telling you how relatively short your […]


Have you ever caught yourself speaking out loud when no one else was around, or told yourself that the bump in the middle of the night you heard was the house settling? What if you were wrong? What if you have a constant companion,  but you will never, ever see them? Worse yet, what would happen if you did? This week we examine “Listen”, a suspenseful thriller from the mind of Steven Moffat that sends the Doctor and Clara bouncing through […]

Everybody Lives!

What’s the difference between Steven Moffat and a Dalek? One is a soulless beast that will destroy everything that you love and rain misery down upon you. The other is a Dalek. But how accurate is that joke? Sure, we’ve all shed our fair share of tears over the loss of a beloved character, but then it’s all better when they come back in five episodes, or two, or even later in the same one. When comic book writers point […]