The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo

No one has ever said that the successful balance of academics and athletics was easy. Even those who seem to accomplish this effortlessly are only demonstrating the perceived end result of discipline, training, and a fair helping of raw talent. But if you’ve decided to take on the added challenge of identifying and defeating a massive, body-skinning, flesh-consuming serpentine beast, well…you had better eat your Wheaties.

(And hey, it goes without reminding you, but — SPOILERS LAY WITHIN, students.)

In this GPR episode, we recap the sophomore episode of Class, “The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo”. Ram and Tanya are in the uncomfortable, blood-spattered limelight for this one, and we discover new depth to their characters, further insight into Ram’s relationship with his father, and rather unexpectedly, a side of Miss Quill we weren’t exactly prepared for. As the kids these days probably don’t say — “Zoinks”.

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