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What does it take to make a villain that lasts over 50 years? Apparently an early fan acceptance followed by contractual obligation. The Daleks have terrorized the Doctor since his second televised adventure and don’t show any signs of giving up any time soon.

This week Haley and Jay revisit the first appearance of the Daleks and discuss their evolution, improvements, and what it will take to keep them as a viable villain moving forward.

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One Thought on “The Daleks”

  • With the requirement that the Daleks appear each season in order to not lose rights to the characters, what do y’all think of having a long arc, similar to the Missy thing from last season, where a quick scene happens in several episodes, leading up to some big thing? And, the big thing doesn’t need to happen at the end of the season, or in the Christmas Episode. It could be a really long arc, that would culminate when the Doctor regenerates. After all, the Daleks have never defeated the Doctor. Cybermen, the Master, radioactive spiders, Chinese thugs, TARDIS consoles, and the like have been the cause of regenerations, but never the Daleks.

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