When a relationship is forged that is truly greater as a whole than the sum of its parts, the bond can be nearly unbreakable. Not that this bond is not tested — time can be a cruel and unforgiving adversary. But with an (as of the recording) unknown set of relations between our incoming Thirteenth Doctor and no fewer than three “recurring characters”, it leads us to think long and hard about how the pair, or trio, or squad, of characters all benefit from one another’s company.

Joined by a panel of exceptional Whovian intellects, we discuss the give-and-take relationships between the Doctor and their traveling companions, both historically, and with an eye to the series to come. Among our guests are producer Joy Piedmont of Reality Bomb, professor and editor Heather McHale, and writer Nev Fountain of Big Finish. Thanks again to Onizumi Events and their exceptional staff at (Re)Generation Who for helping make this panel, and the entire convention weekend, such a success.

(Oh, and we apologize for the poor quality of Keir’s audio in the pre- and post-panel conversation. He’s clearly on the ropes at this point, and we don’t know if we’re going to keep him around. Unprofessional!)