If you’ve attended a Doctor Who themed convention in the United States over the past year, odds are very good that one of the camera crews seen milling about was shooting footage for an upcoming documentary titled, “Doctor Who Am I?”, a project from the creative minds of Vanessa Yuille and Matthew Jacobs, who co-produced and wrote the 1996 TV Doctor Who film. As a study of the American DW fandom and its fascinating embrace of a five decade-running British program, it will feature interviews and commentary from those fans, along with collectors, writers, television historians, convention showrunners, and the stars of the 1996 production, including Daphne Ashbrook, Yee Jee Tso, and the Eighth Doctor himself, Paul McGann.

We sat down with Mr. Jacobs and Ms. Yuille for a chat about the project, the creative spark that is bringing it about as we near the 20th anniversary of the Eighth Doctor’s first appearance, and the incredible source material that is the Doctor Who fan base in the United States. Supported in large part by an Indiegogo fundraising campaign, the film is moving from the filming stage to the time and resource-intensive post-production cycle, and Whovian fans around the world are encouraged to join in the support — by contribution if possible, but in any capacity, by simply spreading the word about this ambitious labor of love.

During the conversation, we were thrilled to get some insight into the film in progress, as well as details on Matthew Jacobs’ experiences writing and producing the ’96 film. We asked a few bold questions about challenges faced in the process, and not only got our answers, but were informed that a lot more candid discussion from the cast and crew will be included in the documentary to be released by May of 2016 — as if we needed more encouragement!

Join GPR in supporting and promoting the documentary project, and help “Doctor Who Am I?” reach its advanced fundraising goals, and become the feature we’re all certain it can be. (And American project backers, your donations are tax deductible!)