Doctor Who Memorabilia Museum: David J Howe

Some people delight in the fact that they have a “new in box” item from a particular film or television franchise, and will nearly glow with excitement telling you about how the sight of that toy, bauble, or trinket reminds them of the many reasons why they love the programme, and sought to protect that fragile little object all these many years. Now, imagine having so many of those perfect little “time capsule” reminders that you have to actually change your living arrangements in order to accommodate them…and the only next step you can conceive is to arrange, build, and curate a museum to share them with others.

Seems a bit implausible, perhaps? A touch of hyperbole? Well, now that you mention it…

This week, we’re joined on a call with writer, collector, and immense Doctor Who enthusiast, David J. Howe (of Telos Publishing and numerous projects) to discuss the status and preparations for the opening of the Doctor Who Memorabilia Museum, a UK-based presentation of his 40+ years of collectibles and publications about our beloved series. He shares with us the inspiration, the process, the triumphs and troubles in getting this labour of love off the ground and ready for public enjoyment.