The Eaters of Light

Rebellions may be built on hope, but hatred is often built on ignorance. Two sides grow so disconnected from one another, each so unable or unwilling to listen to the other, they become devalued and despised. Only the most gifted of mediators may be able to intervene before situations escalate beyond recovery — and even in that, there is no certainty.

Now imagine the role of that intermediary, but one to whom it is painfully apparent, time after time, that the opposing sides are no different, and that the lack of communication (either by circumstance or choice) is at the heart of the divide. How does this recurring failure, and the bloodshed that results, weigh upon this conciliator?

We’ve seen the Doctor come to the table countless times to bring the (pardon us) light of reason to enemies at war. From the arguments of Za and Kal in ‘An Unearthly Child/The Cave of Skulls‘, to the negotiation table in ‘The Zygon Inversion‘, he has attempted to prevent or stop battles through reason and open dialogue. It does not always succeed, but as Bill quickly assesses, no matter how childish the participants appear to him, he will continue.

This week, we cheer the return of Rona Munro to write for Doctor Who in ‘The Eaters of Light’. From Bill’ penchant for making friends at the bottom of holes, to Nardole’s storytelling (ahem) skills, to the Doctor as the babysitter/peacemaker, it’s a historical romp that takes a number of notably poignant turns. Oh, and then there’s the final minutes, teeing up next week. Honest confession? We almost forgot the rest of the episode even happened.

Extra Segment:

We play a little “Whovian Dads” game in honour of Father’s Day. (The holiday, not the episode. Though that sort of applies.)

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